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Prepare to be stupefied by our amazing selection. We are guaranteed to fulfill all of your paint, electrical, household, plumbing, nuts ‘n bolts and power/hand tool needs. And the list goes on…

Here at Pismo Bob’s True Value Hardware, we keep it “old school” to simplify your life. As our customers, you are always kept in our best interest. Life has an annoying tendency to give you funky, hard-to-find parts to replace, and projects that can turn into weekend-consuming monsters. Pismo Bob’s is here to mitigate these troubling issues, and send you on your way before you can say, “Pismo Bob has a monkey.” Our employees offer guided tours on Thursdays from noon til closing for those who truly wish to embrace the legendary and revolutionary impact of Pismo Bob’s.

Who needs the big box stores? Great things come in small packages, right? Plus, Pismo Bob is better looking then any of those big box workers anyhow, and all that sawdust lingering in the air of the big box stores can be bad for the lungs.

NEW: Pismo Bob gives autographs on Friday from 8:00-12:00. No photos, please.

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