The Legend

Pismo Bob Himself

Pismo Bob Himself

Pismo Bob’s started with a dream– to service the community and its many visitors every year in a way that makes them say, “Wow, this place is amazing.” If we installed a “wow” counter from the beginning, it would probably be damaged from overactivity. Pismo Bob and his wife Toni have made the most of this central location in the heart of Pismo, and look on with pleasure as their customers stand, mouths gaping with awe.

Pismo Bob himself goes by many names… Bob, Dr. Bob, “the King,” and even simply “Homeboy.”  Unsurprisingly, some even confuse him with Matthew McConaughey. Don’t be fooled by his humble attire, good looks and casual style. He is truly an expert of his trade, and is a self-proclaimed genius. Beyond this vast body of wisdom and muscle, the true Pismo Bob has never quite been defined. With each new day, he brings forth an unparalleled passion to the world of hardware. His customers quite often remind him of the uniqueness of Pismo Bob’s, positing, “Where else can one go these days to find the amazing selection and outstanding customer service found at Pismo Bob’s?” (Note: Question may have been modified for style and readability.)

To respond, Pismo Bob simply smiles with pride and self-assurance. Indeed, it truly is a dying art, but Pismo Bob’s has remained vigilant.

Who really is Pismo Bob? … The world may never know.

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