Our Local Roots

It’s easier to grow healthier and more vibrant gardens when your roots are as strong as ours.

What started as humble beginnings, with empty boxes to fill up space, has dramatically  transformed into the most diverse supply of inventory. Pismo Bob’s has the largest selection of household needs and garden gifts packed into a space that dates back to the Prohibition times. Here, customers are bound to find what they need. And the nursery is something from out of this world.

ET sightings have been frequent though remain unconfirmed.

Pismo Bob’s gained international attention when it began the notorious World’s Worst Poetry Contest, an annual tradition that continued for eighteen years. Pismo Bob’s has been a firm supporter of civic and youth-oriented activities, sponsoring youth basketball teams, fundraising for children’s instruments, and participating in other community building programs. It was named Pismo Beach Business of the Year in 2002, and was honored on the cover of Member’s Magazine, a national hardware magazine, for its success in competing with the big box stores.

The business has served the Five Cities at Price Street since 1983, providing its customers with all of their hardware needs. Since its conception as a small town hardware store in 1932, it has stayed true to its slogan, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.” It has always been a family business, established by Bob Pringle and his brilliant wife, Tonia, along with their six children. All of the kids, ranging from the fourth grade to graduate school, have participated in the business, and have guaranteed its vitality. We  treat our customers like members of the family.

Incredible variety. Stunning service. Beautiful gardens. It’s what we do.

Pismo Bob’s and Pismo Garden Art are open 8:30-5 Monday through Saturday, and 10-5:00 on Sundays.

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