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Rusty Metal Signs at Pismo Bobs!

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Rusty Metal Signs at Pismo Bobs!

Make a statement in your garden!

Pismo Bob’s is constantly expanding its selection of rusty metal signs with unique and funny phrases to capture your personality and interests.

Stop by today and check out our signs today.

Like Us on Facebook!

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Like Us on Facebook!

Do you want to be “in the know” of all our latest deals and offers?

Like us on Facebook!

There’s no better way to show your love for the whole crew at Pismo Bob’s. By liking our Facebook page, you’ll have exclusive access to coupons, specials, hardware and gardening tips, and lots of other useful information.

Visit to become a fan today!.

Small Business Saturday SALE in Progress

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Small Business Saturday SALE in Progress

Celebrate Small Business Saturday with us!

Receive 25% OFF ANY SINGLE ITEM TODAY ONLY at Pismo Bob’s!

See ad for more details!

Get Ready For Turkey Day…With a New BBQ!

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Get Ready For Turkey Day…With a New BBQ!

If you really want to sweep your wife off her feet, tell her that you’ll take care of the meat this year.

Pismo Bob’s has a great selection of barbecues, utensils, and for us “old-skoolers”… tons of charcoal.

Why stick the birdie in the oven when you can roast it in style?

And your wife will be thrilled that she doesn’t have to spend the entire day in the kitchen!

Stop by today and check out our selection!

Have an ‘Odd Job’? We Gotcha Covered!

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Have an ‘Odd Job’? We Gotcha Covered!

Pismo Bob’s now sells the perfect tool for any job. Introducing the Odd Job from Crescent®. It’s 11 tools in one!

A screwdriver with ratcheting action AND 7 screwdriver tips that store in the handle…

An extension bit for those tight spaces…

A nail puller with a hammer on one side and a nonmarring mallet on the other…

A utility knife that stores in the handle…

The possibilities are endless! Pick up this stocking stuffer today at Pismo Bob’s!

To see it in action, watch this video!:









Make Pismo Bob’s Your One-Stop Shop for the Holidays!

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Make Pismo Bob’s Your One-Stop Shop for the Holidays!

Pismo Bob’s is your “Christmas decoration central.” We have rope lights, LED Christmas lights, old skool tree lights, and much much more! We even have cassette tapes with some Christmas classics to get you in the Christmas spirit.

More importantly, we have plenty of stocking stuffers and gifts. Come on by and Pismo Bob himself will show you some of the newest and greatest gadgets that your hubby can’t live without!

Pismo Bob’s…Your Bike Center

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Pismo Bob’s…Your Bike Center

Gotta flat tire? Need a new headlight? Don’t worry. Pismo Bob’s got your back!

We carry everything from tire sealant to tire tubes, bike horns to bike chains… oh yeah, and everything else!

Our full selection will help you make that quick repair and get back on the road. Stop by as you’re cruising through Price Street.

Is your bike grip roughing up your hands? Is that seat busting up your bottom? We feel your pain. And we have new handles and cushioned bike seats to make sure you have a comfortable ride.

Check out our bike stuff today!

Pismo Bob’s Has Fans!

Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Pismo Bob’s Has Fans!

Were you melting during Pismo’s last burst of heat? Without the luxury of air conditioning, most of the Five Cities Area runs for the nearest theatre or air conditioned restaurant.

Well, if you’re looking for a cool breeze, look no further than Pismo Bob’s. No, Pismo Bob’s isn’t air conditioned, BUT WE HAVE FANS!

Floor fans, wind fans, oscillating stand fans, and mini-fans … you name it … our fans are of every shape, height and style, and are just what you need to stay cool. And speaking of staying cool, there’s nothing cooler than shopping at Pismo Bob’s.

Come check them out today.

Take Home the “Music of the Spheres”

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Take Home the “Music of the Spheres”

Sound trippy? Maybe.  But so do these chimes!

The Music of the Spheres wind chime collection offers the world’s most beautiful tones. We carry the full range of every series, from Hawaiian to Mongolian to Pentatonic (and more)!

These chimes are built to last a lifetime and endure the elements, and the tonal quality can’t be beat.

Take one (or more) home with you today!

Pick Stuff Up the Easy Way

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Pick Stuff Up the Easy Way

Carrying large items or even awkwardly-shaped objects can kill your back. The last time you knocked your back out, you probably said, or rather heaved, to yourself: There’s gotta be a better way to carry this! (groan, grumble).

Now, Pismo Bob’s has the perfect solution: The Forearm Forklift series.

The folks at Forearm Forklift know that carrying stuff can be a pain (literally) and have created several products to make life a whole lot easier for you (all of which are sold at Pismo Bob’s!):

-Forearm Forklift: Allows you to carry items weighing up to 700 lbs with ease! Lift furniture, drywall, appliances and more! The possibilities are endless. Dream big!

-Box Strap: Perfect for carying boxes and other oddly shaped items, this strap allows many different size cartons/boxes to be lifted together.

-The QwikLift: This strapping system makes it easy to carry large pots, barrels and other heavy round objects.

-Mattress Mover: Save your mattress and your back with the mattress mover. Straps adjust to fit any size mattress.

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