37 in. Twisted Sweet Gum Walking Cane

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Product Information

The Twisted Sweet Gum Walking Cane boasts our signature twist coupled with a rustic design that’s bound to please anyone in need of a quality, handcrafted walking companion. Sweet gum is a distinctive hardwood, with darkish bark and grain, which offers both strength and flexibility — two desirable traits for any walking cane. Each piece of sweet gum is carefully selected, cut, sanded, and finally sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer.

The ash handle is prepared with equal care, and affixed to the sweet gum shaft with a timeless mortise and tenon joint for a strong, secure fit. The mortise and tenon method is known for its unusual strength, and has been used in wood working for centuries.

Each cane comes with a standard rubber ferrule for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface. Like all of our staffs and canes, the Twisted Sweet Gum Walking Cane is handcrafted in Texas using the highest quality wood and time-tested methods.

Height: 37″

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