37 in. Twisted Laminated Aromatic Cedar Walking Cane

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Product Information

The Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Cane is easily one of the most resplendent canes in our line. Its red and purplish hues swirl beautifully down its shaft, while our signature twist, with its subtle elegance, accentuates the natural beauty of this unique walking cane.

To bolster its stability, we make the Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Cane from three pieces of 3/8-inch, laminated aromatic cedar board. Each stick is then carefully cut to size, sanded, and sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer. The resulting cane is lightweight, beautiful, and highly functional. (One caveat: Twisted Aromatic Cedar is not a hardwood and tends to be softer than most woods.) Each handle is carefully attached to its shaft using a mortise and tenon joint. The mortise and tenon method is an unparalleled joint method known for its unusual strength; it has been used in wood working for centuries.

Each cane comes with a standard rubber ferrule for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface. Like all of our staffs and canes, the Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Cane is handcrafted in Texas using the highest quality wood and time-tested methods.

Height: 37″

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