48 in. Free Form Twisted Hickory Walking Stick

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Product Information

The Twisted Hickory Walking Stick is our top-selling stick, and for good reason. Hickory’s unparalleled strength has made it a wood of choice for tool handles, bows, and baseball bats. Couple that strength with hickory’s innate beauty — accented with our distinctive twist — and the result is a wildly popular walking stick that is able to withstand even the most rigorous hiking treks.

Made in Texas, craftsmen take every step necessary to ensure a final product that lives up to a precise standard of quality. Each staff is carefully selected, sanded, and then sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer finish, resulting in a unique, practical, highly attractive walking staff.

The staff also comes with a standard rubber ferrule for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface. For serious hiking, the rubber ferrule can also be upgraded to a spike ferrule or combination spike ferrule per your choice (for more information on spikes click here).

Height: 48″

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