37 in. Natural Hardwood Root Cane

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Product Information

This hardwood root cane uses natural root creations from accessible roots of various hardwood trees using renewable, eco-friendly techniques. The hardwoods vary, but are often times sumac, hawthorne, or something similar. The final result, as you can see, is a cane that only nature herself could fashion, and it’s perfect for just about any occasion where a sturdy walking companion is preferred.

One word probably describes these canes the best: character. Each piece is different from the next, but skilled craftsmen take care to make sure that each walking cane is properly sanded, smoothed, and protected with a clear coat of lacquer. The lacquer helps to bring out the wood’s intrinsic beauty and transforms a mere root into something you’ll be proud to call your own.

Each cane is made in Texas, which means it is fashioned to last a lifetime, and guaranteed for life from any manufacturing defects.

Height: 37″

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