Pick Stuff Up the Easy Way

Product Information

Carrying large items or even awkwardly-shaped objects can kill your back. The last time you knocked your back out, you probably said, or rather heaved, to yourself: There’s gotta be a better way to carry this! (groan, grumble).

Now, Pismo Bob’s has the perfect solution: The Forearm Forklift series.

The folks at Forearm Forklift know that carrying stuff can be a pain (literally) and have created several products to make life a whole lot easier for you (all of which are sold at Pismo Bob’s!):

-Forearm Forklift: Allows you to carry items weighing up to 700 lbs with ease! Lift furniture, drywall, appliances and more! The possibilities are endless. Dream big!

-Box Strap: Perfect for carying boxes and other oddly shaped items, this strap allows many different size cartons/boxes to be lifted together.

-The QwikLift: This strapping system makes it easy to carry large pots, barrels and other heavy round objects.

-Mattress Mover: Save your mattress and your back with the mattress mover. Straps adjust to fit any size mattress.

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