Have Your “Green”-ed Your House Yet?

Product Information

Are those new smart meters spiking your electricity bill? Does the task of making your house greener seem daunting? Don’t worry any longer. Pismo Bob’s has got you covered.

We have all the CFL bulbs you need, and at a price that just can’t be matched throughout the county. We carry virtually every type of 60W, 75W, and 100W CFL bulb.

Did you know?:

CFLs use about 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.

CFLs produce about 75% less heat, so it’s safer to operate and can actually cut the cost of air conditioning.

The typical household saves approximately $36/month by using CFL bulbs.

And now we are offering an AMAZING coupon on DealSaver.com: $60 in CFL Bulbs for only $5. But hurry! This coupon only lasts through March 30, and there are only about 20 left!

Light up your home for less! Stop by Pismo Bob’s today!

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