Skip the Florist– Visit Pismo Bob’s

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What will happen to those lovely, freshly cut flowers once Valentine’s Day is over? They’ll probably dry up, go limp, and decompose at the county dump while you wait for the next Valentine’s Day. Does this seem to reflect the spirit of Valentine’s Day– a spirit of undying love and commitment?

Pismo Bob sez no.

This Valentine’s Day, break the cycle! Get your honey something that will last– something that will express the neverending love that you have for each other. Pismo Bob’s gives you thousands of choices with its infinite selection of “goodies”. Our hardware store offers a practical alternative to the cliched gifts of ages past, and our garden art is filled with beautiful gift items for every taste.

Come visit us before Valentine’s Day and one of ourĀ “romance” counselors will help you find just the right gift. Matthew may even remind you of Cupid a bit.

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