Pismo Bob’s Keeps It Green

Product Information

So you’re walking out of Pismo Bob’s and you open your trunk when you notice something peculiar. As you take a look at your bag, you realize that there’s a Scolari’s Market label on it. You double check your bag just to make sure you didn’t come out with groceries instead of pipe fittings. With this affirmation, you perplexedly scratch your head and stroke your chin. How could this be? Are my friends at Pismo Bob’s messing with me?

Well, before San Luis Obispo County Waste Management decided to ban plastic bags and charge for paper bags, Pismo Bob’s already had provided a green solution to its customers. As your local sustainable  hardware store, we provide our customers with recycled bags and we always favor paper over plastic.  We also make a habit of asking customers before giving them a bag.

In this way, we hope to set a new model for green business. We don’t need a government authority to tell us how to live green. We always have and always will.

Quite simply… it’s what we do.

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