Veranda Heat Index & Windchill Gauge

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Veranda Heat Index & Windchill Gauge

Product Information

ssists outdoor adventurers of all sorts by reporting not only an actual, but also a “feels like” temperature.

-Area shaded by yellows, reds and oranges at the top of the instrument dial demonstrates Heat Index, a phenomenon which occurs when high temperatures and humidity combine to make the outdoor air feel hotter than it really is.

-Meanwhile, a blue shaded region at the bottom of the dial displays Windchill, which presents when cooler temperatures and a significant breeze cause it to seem colder than it really is.

-Veranda Collection Heat Index & Windchill Gauge constructed of solid brass and crystal clear glass designed to withstand a lifetime of outdoor use.

Two mounting options included:

  • Swivel arm facilitates mounting so that the Heat Index & Windchill Gauge peeks into any window in your home
  • S-bracket for invisible mounting on a flat surface such as a wall, tree or post.

The Veranda Collection Heat Index & Windchill Gauge solid, uncoated brass and hardware will never peel, flake or rust and will age beautifully into a rich patina and eventually a lovely verdigris.

-Lifetime Guarantee!


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